UV Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine
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UV Ultraviolet laser marking machine

UV Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine

UV Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine

Applied Material

①Logo identification on high-end electronic products, chargers, cables, mobile phone accessories, and computer accessories.

②Marking on food packaging, PVC pipes, and pharmaceutical packaging materials (HDPE, PO, PP, etc.).

③Micro hole marking with a diameter of d10.

④Marking on flexible PCB boards.

⑤Removal of metal or non-metal coatings.

⑥Micro drilling on silicon wafers, blind hole processing, and scribing.

⑦Marking on fire-resistant materials.

⑧Marking on other plastic materials.

Applied Industry

※Marking on food and pharmaceutical packaging materials

Micro perforation

High-speed division of glass materials

Complex graphic cutting on silicon wafers

High-Speed Scanning Mirror System

The laser system incorporates scanning mirrors of high precision and reliability, surpassing other scanning mirrors in terms of scanning accuracy, speed, and stability, meeting the demands of prolonged continuous operation.


①The violet laser marking machine belongs to the series of laser marking machines. However, it is equipped with a 355nm violet laser research and development source.

②This machine utilizes thirdorder cavity frequency doubling technology, in comparison to infrared lasers. The 355nm violet light has an extremely small focused beam spot, which can greatly reduce material deformation and minimize thermal effects during processing.

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